Our Story: What are mai-POD? Who makes them?

Our Story: What are mai-POD? Who makes them?

“GUESS what this is made from?”

mai-POD, necklaces made from recycled Nespresso™ coffee pods, used colourful coffee podsThis is currently my favourite conversation-starter. Making me laugh as the bemused faces and confused suggestions lead to gasps of surprise, disbelief and genuine admiration.

Surprise, that this unique-looking collection of funky jewelry actually hails from something so simple and unexpected. Disbelief, that these works of art have manifested from actual Nespresso™ coffee pods. And admiration for the remarkable woman who is becoming increasingly more renown as Mai P, for her almost miraculous transformations!

Allow me to introduce you to Mai P

Mai P hails from Murehwa, in the North-East of Zimbabwe. Born of humble stock and not educated in the conventional schooling sense, she has nonetheless learned much from Life as her teacher. Primarily, to survive in harsh conditions, one needs to be as creative as possible as well as to have the courage to think outside normal parameter.

Thus, recycling used coffee pods to make exquisite and interesting jewelry has been a natural and fun transition for Mai P! She considers her jewelry-making opportunity “a gift from God”.

Her four children’s lives have all improved from the sales of her jewelry, not just because she has been able to pay school fees, but also because it has allowed her to buy “food, a radio, then a TV and a TV stand, and blankets”. When initially asked what her dream was, she did not hesitate: “I want to buy a car and some land!”

By creating these humble but brilliant masterpieces and selling them, she is trying to put money away, bit by bit, so that she can realize her dream. To date (2023), Mai P has bought some land AND a car, and is now saving up to buy the building materials with which to build her home!

The environmental message is clear throughout her signature pieces: Beautiful treasures can be made from trash.

If she can build up a customer base, it can only be a win-win-win situation! Mai P will become financially independent, our environment will be saved a little more, and any lucky recipient of one of mai-POD’s recycled coffee pod adornments or sculptures will be extremely chuffed!

We are always collecting more used Nespresso™ coffee pods for Mai. Find out how you can donate them to her.