Welcome to mai-POD.com
Welcome to mai-POD.com

Welcome to mai-POD.com

Hello, and welcome to mai-POD.com . It is my pleasure to write the very first News entry for this new website dedicated to the work of Mai P.

Mai P. is an artist from Zimbabwe who specializes in creating unique, interesting, and colourful pieces of jewelry and home décor using discarded Nespresso™ coffee pods. 

Mai P. makes items such as:


earrings hanging on display rack, mai-POD, earrings made from recycled Nespresso™ coffee pods


green and blue pendant on black string, mai-POD, pendant made from recycled Nespresso™ coffee pods


colourful rooster with 4 used coffee pods, coffee pods in red, orange, silver, and dark grey, mai-POD, animal made from recycled Nespresso™ coffee pods

There is almost no limit to what creative and artistic pieces can be created. The ones showcased on this website are certainly not all of them. Mai P. has created many more that have been already been sold, and has even had requests for her work from as far away as North America. 

To see more mai-POD examples, check out the pages listed under What are mai-POD?, as well as an Instagram Account dedicated to the creations.

We are always collecting more used Nespresso™ coffee pods for Mai. Find out how you can donate them to her.

Disclaimer: Nespresso™ in no way supports or endorses Mai P’s work, and her work in no way is intended to undercut the company’s pod recycling program that exists in a great many regions, across the globe. Furthermore, mai-POD.com fully supports and applauds Nespresso’s™ recycling efforts.

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